Run period:
10.09.2018 – 16.09.2018
Application Deadline:

Course fee:
EUR 990

Writing Ashram - Summer University
of the Arts Berlin 2018

Vom 10. bis 16. September 

Writing Ashram - a monastic Writing Development Residence

Selbstverständlich sind Sie auch als deutsche Muttersprachler beim englisch-
sprachigen Writing Ashram willkommen. Vielleicht schreiben Sie Ihre Arbeit sowieso auf Englisch. Dann wird Sie die englischsprachige Umgebung besonders unterstützen.

What is a Writing Ashram?

In a Writing Ashram we use the method of a monastic lifestyle to enhance writing productivity. This special work environment allows you to deepen your writing process, improve your self regulation, enforce your writing competence, write extensively and push your text project forward. Nothing but Writing. Quite ironically, the time for concentration and intellectual contemplation seems to be eroding at universities.Therefore Ingrid Scherübl and Katja Günther developed the project Writing Ashram - a monastary simulation for academics located in the countryside outside Berlin. The new quality in focus and boost of productivity, that come through living in this monastary-like daily structure, away from all chores, with other writers for a couple of days is quite astonishing.

Aschram (sanskrit) is the hindu version of a monastery and means „place of endeavour“. The Writing ashram is a retreat for academics and professional writers and uses the method of monastery life to push forward text projects. You follow a strict daily routine and experience the best concentration and work devotion you can get: without the distractions of the internet and daily chores, but instead meditation, some physical exercise out in the nature, and inspirational breaks you can go deeply in your writing. You are supported through optional workshops with Ingrid Scherübl and Katja Günther - one individual coaching session is included.

We will make use of a monastic lifestyle so you can

  • enhance your writing productivity
  • deepen your writing concentration
  • improve your self-discipline
  • utilize your writing competence
  • write and make progress on your project


We are located in the countryside outside Berlin in
Neu Schönau, a beautiful place to be and write.

Run period:
10. - 16. September 2018

Application Deadline:

Course fee: 990 Euro

“Finding real concentration is difficult these days. We create a space in which structure, community and personal coaching unfold the maximum of your intellectual potential.” Katja Günther



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